This is the support page for ArchiTwin, a digital twin for the construction industry. This page includes a series of questions and answers that are commonly asked by customers, as well as tutorials for the products.


Is it possible to use HTTPS protocol for the public URL?
It is possible.
Is it possible to set a password for browsing?
Although ArchiTwin has not yet implemented a password protection feature, you are able to browse by using a password that you have set in the registered Matterport.
Will using ArchiTwin have any impact on the original MP-Space?
There will be no impact on the original MP-Space.
There is a possibility of a large amount of simultaneous access occurring. What level of load can be expected to be handled?
Currently, we do not anticipate a large amount of simultaneous access, so we have not made specific provisions for handling high loads.
Is it possible to open the property and XNUMXD data managed within ArchiTwin to the public?
The property spaces managed within ArchiTwin can be opened to the public. As for 3D data, it is possible to open to the public as long as the XNUMXD data is placed in the spaces.
In Matterport, there are options such as public, and private with limited access, and password-protected. What types of options does ArchiTwin offer?
In Matterport, you have XNUMX options of privacy settings in the URL of your space.
ArchiTwin provides the following two, both of which are tied to the privacy settings of the space in Matterport.
Public: Accessible to anyone.
Password-protected: Requires a password for access.
※If you choose Private, a screen saying "Model not available" will be displayed, and it will not be editable or publishable from ArchiTwin.
If I want to change the plan, is it possible to change on a monthly basis?
It is possible.
For changes on a monthly basis, the billing amount will be adjusted starting from the following month, not from the current month.
Is it possible to view on a smartphone or tablet?
It has been possible from September 2023.