This is the support page for Digital Twin ArchiTwin for the construction industry.Find frequently asked questions and answers from our customers, as well as product tutorials.


Is it possible to support HTTPS for the public URL?
It is possible.
Is it possible to set a password for browsing?
Currently, the mechanism to set a password from the ArchiTwin side is not implemented.By setting a password on the registered MatterPort, you can use the password when browsing.
Will using ArchiTwin affect the original MP-Space?
There is no effect on the original MT-Spase.
It is possible that a large number of simultaneous accesses will occur, but how much load can you expect to withstand?
Regarding the load, we do not currently expect a large amount of simultaneous access.
Access each property from the showcase list in the video accessed from the manual link, and the expression showcase registration at the bottom is a list of spaces and My Space. I would like to ask you a quick question.
Pro's manual link is currently a video, but I would like to replace it with a manual like Architwin.The wording in the manual will be the same as the current system.

Replaced Pro manual link with PDF manual.
Also, as stated in the manual, since SU will be responsible for creating spaces, Mr. Kawashima, who made an inquiry this time, will be NU and will not have the authority to create spaces.
Property managed within ArchiTwin? Is it possible to open the XNUMXD data to the public?
Property spaces managed within ArchiTwin are open to the public. Regarding 3D data, if it is installed in the space, it will be possible to publish it in the form of space disclosure.
With normal Matterport, you can select public, private, password protected, etc. What types of ArchiTwin are there?
Matterport allows you to set the following three states for space URLs.
The following two are available in Archi Twin, and both are tied to the public setting of the space in Matterport.
Public: Accessible by anyone
With password: password is required
* If you use the private state, a screen saying "Model is not available" will appear, and editing and publishing from Atwin will not be possible.
If I want to change the plan, is it possible to change on a monthly basis?
Is possible.
In the case of monthly change: The billing amount will change from the next month, not from the billing of the current month.
Is it possible to view on a smartphone or tablet?
Currently not supported.
The deadline has not been decided, but it is planned to be implemented in the future.