Online product briefing

This is an online demo and seminar information page for ArchiTwin. We will present and demonstrate how to virtual stage objects, customize the platform and place the movie with no code. See below for more information.

ArchiTwin Product briefing and demonstration
(group session and free of charge)


・What is ArchiTwin?
・Features of ArchiTwin, Tips on how to use ArchiTwin, important notes for operation
・ArchiTwin - cloud contract and other support

Who do you recommend it for?

・Virtual shopping sites (retail stores, etc.)
・Virtual exhibition halls (display home village, museums, galleries, etc.)
・Space management (construction site, facility management, etc.)
・Virtual staging (real estate, etc.)


Placing 3D objects

Placing 3D objects

Displaying Minimap

Displaying Minimap

Add tags (photos and videos)

Add tags (photos and videos)


Lecturer: Mr. Tatsuya Ikeda, ArchiTwin Inc.

Mr. Tatsuya Ikeda
ArchiTwin Inc.

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