What is a digital twin?

Digital Twin is a virtual model that reproduces information in real space like twins which enables highly accurate analysis and prediction in a shorter period of time.

Bringing innovation to the construction industry
Digital twin

Digital Twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect actual real-world physical objects like twins.
The construction industry is facing various issues such as low standards of quality control and poor remote management due to labor shortages and lack of communication due to the current situation with the coronavirus.
ArchiTwin enables unprecedented remote site management while scanning the construction site in real-time with digital twins and avatar robots.

Features of
Virtual Space with Digital Twin


Since the digital twin is a virtual space, it is possible to check the site remotely via the Internet.


By using VR goggles and panoramic projectors such as MK360+, you can achieve an overwhelming sense of presence as if you were there.


Because work proceeds while confirming the work site in a virtual space, it enables prompt communication, including the detection of omissions and the avoidance of ambiguous reporting.

How to use for promotion

Although existing retail and e-commerce systems have faced difficulties in their sales drive, Digital Twin presents a unique opportunity for retailers and brands to enhance the customer experience and drive sales, while helping customers to eliminate the time and cost of visiting exhibitions, shopping malls, and various facilities and stores.
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What is the optimal digital twin for construction sites?

The optimal solution can be provided by ArchiTwin pro at the construction site. Construction teams can always stay up-to-date not only on the part that was reported but also on every part of construction without making an actual visit to the site.
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