For NJS Co., Ltd.

Here are some testimonials from customers who have actually used ArchiTwin.

Improved complicated communication in drawings.
Realize sharing of design images with high accuracy using XNUMXD objects!

Consistency between site and drawings Speed ​​up communication Place agnostic
NJS Co., Ltd.

1. How did you find out about ArchiTwin?

At our company, we wanted to use Matterport in our business, and when we were looking for ways to use it, ArchiTwin caught our attention.

2. Please tell us the main things that led to the introduction of ArchiTwin.

I participated in ArchiTwin's regularly held webinars and felt that Matterport was lacking in some areas, so I applied for a trial.

3. How did you come to the decision to implement ArchiTwin within your company?

We carry out reinforcement design and facility renovation and renewal design for facilities such as water treatment facilities and pump stations. Prior to the introduction of ArchiTwin, the work process was basically based on 2D drawings, such as coloring the target range on existing drawings and using them to reach consensus with the client.In designing using existing drawings, there were cases where there was a difference between the current situation and the drawings, and there were problems such as reworking.In order to reduce such rework, we introduced Matterport as a way to quickly reflect the current situation and exchange information.However, there were some parts that Matterport alone could not cover, so I applied with the flow of trying to cover with ArchiTwin.

4. Have you been able to improve your business since introducing ArchiTwin?

Although it is still in the trial stage, I have heard that using ArchiTwin has made it easier to reach a consensus with the client. I think that it will be possible to understand the 2D layout, which was difficult to imagine with only 3D drawings, and that communication between construction types will be easier, and rework will be reduced.

5. What was good about ArchiTwin over Matterport?

We mainly use the function that allows you to place XNUMXD objects anywhere in the Matterport space.

6. Please tell us what kind of purpose and what kind of facility are you mainly implementing and using.

The fact that 3D objects can be placed freely means that it can be used to show the image of construction, and the fact that it can respond to changes such as how maintenance management lines have changed after construction can also be used to check work. is assumed.

7. What do you expect from ArchiTwin in the future?

Matterport data has a function that allows you to download 57D data as it is in the form of MatterPak or E3 file, but I would be happy if you could download data including 3D objects placed with ArchiTwin. increase.

8. How did you use Matterport before ArchiTwin?

It was used with the intention of reducing the number of visits to the site, such as forgetting to take a photo, by taking a walk-through (XNUMXD data) as well as a photo of the target facility such as reinforcement design.