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what is Architwin?

The world's construction industry is facing various problems like low quality control due to shortage of human resources and lack of communication in corona situation, That's why we suggest a unique solution which enables to manage the actual site remotely while scanning the construction site in real time with a digital twin and an avatar robot.

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Press release

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Recent information2020.12.01
Architwin begin accepting for trial
Video Exhibition 2020.11.06
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About our company

Our company focus on “ shortage of workers” in the construction sector due to decline population.
we are working to improve on these 3 issues.

Employee shortage
  • Process management
  • Quality management
  • Communication

We are focusing on the contribution towards construction industry by providing "remote site management solutions using digital twin technology" to tackle the above three issues.

30+ Years of Industry Experience!

Address: 104-0061
Ginza Otake Vidence 2F, 1-22-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number: +81 (0)3-5404-3471
Date of Establishment: 16.06.2020
CEO: Ryouhei Seki
Business Area: Business related to digital twins (data collection, analysis etc)
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